Why is the GPPS data important for me as a patient to know?

The GPPS survey is the only standardised patient experience survey conducted throughout the country.

This means that most practices in the UK have reliable and statistically sound results available that can be compared with other practices, Primary Care Networks (PCNs), and Integrated Care Systems (ICS) to understand how your experience at your practice compares with others.


The survey is carried out by Ipsos, a leading independent UK research company, which ensures that the results are robust and trustworthy. You can find more information about Ipsos and how the survey is conducted in the GPPS technical annex.

What information can I expect to find in the GPPS survey results?

The survey results cover all aspects of patient experience, including the behavior of staff, such as GPs, nurses, and receptionists, as well as the efficiency of systems, such as telephone service, appointment booking, and out-of-hours care.


In addition to evaluating staff and systems, respondents are also asked about their demographics and overall health status.


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